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Buy Genuine Diazepam

2005 Jeanneau Merry Fisher 625

Price £18,000 inc Vat

United Kingdom

Buy Valium Boots

Buy Genuine Diazepam

The Merry Fisher 625 is a very popular small cruiser that is family and fishing friendly with excellent seagoing capabilities. Powered by a Honda 90 HP outboard (2007). Maximum speed approx 26 knots with 20 knots cruising. Marine toilet and portable gas stove provide the comfort to enable longer cruising on this Jeanneau Merry Fisher 625 than just a day sail. Additional cabin lighting fitted. Deck wash system installed.

Buy Genuine Diazepam

  • Builder: Jeanneau
  • Designer: Jeanneau Design
  • Construction: GRP


  • Length (Feet): 21
  • Length (Metres): 6.4
  • Beam: 2.55 meter
  • Min Draft: 0.4 meter
  • Displacement: 1360
  • LOA: 6.4 meter


  • Number of Engines: 1
  • Engine Make: Honda
  • Engine Model: Four stroke
  • Fuel: unleaded
  • Engine Hours: 239
  • Total Power: 90
  • Max Speed: 26
  • Cruising Speed: 20


The Merry Fisher 625 is a very popular small cruiser that is family and fishing friendly with excellent seagoing capabilities. Powered by a Honda 90 HP outboard (2007). Maximum speed approx 26 knots with 20 knots cruising. Marine toilet and portable gas stove provide the comfort to enable longer cruising on this Jeanneau Merry Fisher 625 than just a day sail. Additional cabin lighting fitted. Deck wash system installed.


Cabin with settee berths to port and starboard that can convert to a double berth. Removable folding table. Marine toilet under starboard seating. Wheelhouse with helm and single helm seat to starboard, sink aft of this seat. To port there is storage for the portable single ring gas hob. Sliding windows to port and starboard and opening hatches to the cabin roof and wheelhouse roof. Sliding door to the cockpit.
Portable single ring gas hob with storage case
Cold water supply
Portable water container
Jabsco marine toilet


Engine instrumentation
Fuel guage
Navman fish4380 colour fishfinder (2007)
Navman tracker5380 colour plotter (2007)
Plastimo compass
Midland Neptune VHF radio

Engine and machinery

Honda 90hp four stroke outboard (2007)
239 engine hours as at August 2019
Shore power connection


Cockpit folding bench seat with cushion 
Cockpit speakers
Cockpit light
Rod holders
Self draining cockpit

Deck gear

Stainless steel pulpit and side rails
Cockpit side and aft stainless steel rails
Boarding ladder
Screen wiper
Anchor locker
Fortress type anchor with chain and warp
Bow roller
Deck wash pump and hose

Safety equipment

Electric and manual bilge pumps


A smart, small cruiser ideal for fishing, this Merry Fisher had the new Honda 90hp outboard fitted in 2007.


Marine head

Swimming ladder

Electric bilge pump

Manual bilge pump

Shore power inlet