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Buy Xanax Kuwait

2002 Prestige 36

Price £97,950 inc Vat

United Kingdom

Buy Valium Boots

Buy Xanax Kuwait

Attractive, powerful and spacious is a very apt description of this Prestige 36. Very manoeuvrable with twin Volvo Penta KAMD 285hp diesel engines with shaft drives and a bow thruster.  Wonderful handling at speed with the ability to cruise at approximately 24 knots. Excellent visibility from the inside helm and a very practical flybridge. Panoramic view from the comfortable saloon. Large double master cabin with centre berth, a guest twin cabin and great galley space make living aboard the Prestige 36 very practical.

Buy Xanax Kuwait

  • Builder: Jeanneau
  • Designer: Garroni / Jeanneau Design
  • Construction: GRP


  • Length (Feet): 38.06
  • Length (Metres): 11.6
  • Beam: 3.84 meter
  • Min Draft: 0.93 meter
  • Max Draft: 0.93 meter
  • Displacement: 8300
  • LOA: 11.6 meter
  • Bridge Clearance: 3.43


  • Number of Engines: 2
  • Engine Make: Volvo Penta
  • Engine Model: KAMD300
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Engine Hours: 510
  • Type of Propeller: 4 Blade
  • Total Power: 570
  • Max Speed: 30
  • Cruising Speed: 22


Attractive, powerful and spacious is a very apt description of this Prestige 36. Very manoeuvrable with twin Volvo Penta KAMD 285hp diesel engines with shaft drives and a bow thruster.  Wonderful handling at speed with the ability to cruise at approximately 24 knots. Excellent visibility from the inside helm and a very practical flybridge. Panoramic view from the comfortable saloon. Large double master cabin with centre berth, a guest twin cabin and great galley space make living aboard the Prestige 36 very practical.


Forward master cabin with island double berth, hanging locker, hull portlights, storage and opening deck hatch. Door to heads compartment. Door leading through to passageway, guest cabin to starboard, with two single berths, hanging locker, opening portlight and storage. To port is the door to the heads and galley aft of this. Steps up to saloon with double helm seat to starboard, L shaped settee to starboard with dining table. This can convert to a double berth. To port is a small bench seat. Aft of this seat, storage and lockers and further storage under the settees. Curtains, windscreen demisters, floor hatches to access the engine compartment. Sliding three section doors to cockpit.

ENO three ring gas hob
Panasonic microwave
Twin stainless steel sinks
Hot and cold water system

Jabsco sea toilet
Stainless steel sink
Hot and cold water system
Opening portlight


Full cockpit canvas cover in blue by Owen Sails
Cover aft and side sections can be rolled up
Teak cockpit, flybridge steps and aft platform
Aft bench seat with cushions and storage 
Transom door to aft platform
Moulded steps to flybridge
Cockpit lights
Cockpit shower

Engine and machinery

Twin Volvo Penta KAMD300 285hp diesel engines
510 engine hours
HFL generator
284 generator hours
Sidepower bow thruster
Sterling Power battery monitor
Battery charger
Shore power socket
Warm air cabin heating
Zipwake dynamic trim tabs
Calorifier with immerser


Inside helm
Engine instruments
Volvo EDC controls
Raymarine a98 radar and chartplotter
Raymarine Quantum radome
Raymarine ST60 tridata 
Sidepower bow thruster control
Zipwake control
ICOM DS100 DSC VHF radio
ICOM ICM503 VHF radio
Rudder indicator
Sony CD MP3 player

Flybridge helm
Engine instruments
Engine stop / start
Raymarine plotter
Raymarine ST60 tridata
Helm compass
Rudder indicator
Sidepower bow thruster control

Clock and barometer

Deck equipment

Stainless steel pulpit
Stainless steel side rails with guard wire
Windscreen wipers with screenwash
Bow and stern LED floodlight
Electric anchor windlass
Bow roller
Delta anchor with chain 
Swim ladder
Various warps and fenders

Helm cover
Twin helm seats with covers
Flybridge seating and removable table
Radar arch

Safety equipment

Manual and electric bilge pumps
Engine room automatic fire extinguisher
Fire blanket
Horseshoe lifebuoy
Inflatable horseshoe lifebuoy

Further information

Propellers polished and anodes fitted June 2019

Zipwake Dynamic trim control
This Prestige 36  has Zipwake trim tabs fitted. This is a Dynamic Trim-Control System that’s set to revolutionise the boat world. Featuring an advanced, intuitive control system and a stunning new innovative design, Zipwake delivers a more comfortable ride, better performance and improved fuel consumption – whatever the conditions.
Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll.
Automatically minimises wave resistance and saves fuel.
Innovative 3D controls provide unmatched control of running trim, heel or heading.
Patented series of durable fast-acting interceptors provide supreme lift force characteristics.


Cockpit shower

Swimming ladder

Teak cockpit




Cockpit cover

Battery charger

Microwave oven

Shore power inlet


Bow thruster


Marine head


Cockpit cushions


Hydraulic gangway



Hot water

Manual bilge pump


Log speedometer

Electric bilge pump