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Buying Diazepam 5Mg

Buy Xanax Valium Online

2011 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409

Price £125,000 inc Vat

United Kingdom

Buy Valium Boots

Buy Xanax Valium Online

Provisional listing for this one owner, privately used, three cabin two head Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 Performance Version. Professionally maintained and wintered ashore she is a cracker. Used primarily for cruising on the West Coast of Scotland this Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 has also done a little white sail class racing. Owner changing to larger Jeanneau Sun Odyssey.

Buy Xanax Valium Online

  • Designer: Philippe Briand & Jeanneau
  • Construction: GRP


  • Length (Feet): 40.49
  • Length (Metres): 12.34
  • Beam: 3.99 meter
  • Min Draft: 2.1 meter
  • Max Draft: 2.1 meter
  • Displacement: 7860
  • LOA: 12.34 meter
  • LWL: 11 meter
  • Bridge Clearance: 18.42


  • Number of Engines: 1
  • Engine Make: Yanmar
  • Engine Model: 3JH5CE
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Engine Hours: 740
  • Type of Propeller: 3 Blade, Folding
  • Total Power: 40


Provisional listing for this one owner, privately used, three cabin two head Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 Performance Version. Professionally maintained and wintered ashore she is a cracker. Used primarily for cruising on the West Coast of Scotland this Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 has also done a little white sail class racing. Owner changing to larger Jeanneau Sun Odyssey.


Forward owners cabin with double berth with high density foam mattress. Door to en-suite heads. Hanging locker, storage, hull portlights and opening, curved, flush roof hatch for maximum light and ventilation with forward visibility. Door leading through to the saloon with U shaped seating to starboard with luxury dining table with integrated bar, folding top and storage. To port, bench settee and chart table aft of settee. Storage under seating, light oak laminate flooring, LED lights throughout, indirect lighting under the saloon furniture, hull portlights, deck portlights, shades and screens fitted to hatches and portlights.
L shaped galley to starboard, central companionway to cockpit, doors either side to the aft cabins. Both cabins have a double berth with high density foam mattresses, hanging lockers, storage. Each cabin has an opening hatch, opening cockpit portlight, hull portlight and a curved plexi portlight for light and ventilation.
Engine access under companionway and also from aft cabin.

Two burner gas stove with oven and grill
Double stainless steel sinks with covers
Hot and cold water system
Glass splashback between galley and seating

Forward en suite heads
Sea toilet
Holding tank 
Hot and cold water system

Aft  heads
Sea toilet
Shower with folding door for separate shower compartment
Hot and cold water system


Engine instruments
Raymarine ST70 multi with speed, depth, wind at both helms
Raymarine ST70 autopilot in cockpit
Raymarine ST70 instrument at helm
Raymarine E90W plotter at chart table
Raymarine 55E DSC VHF radio at chart table
Helm compasses
CD/MP3 player with remote control in cockpit
Saloon and cockpit speakers
LED navigation lights
Clock and barometer

Sails and rigging

Main sail in tri-radial cut mylor and taffeta by Technique Voile 2015
Genoa in tri radial cut mylor and taffeta by Technique Voile 2015
Original Performance main sail and genoa by Technique Voile, perfectly servicable
Genoa furler
Main sail stack pack with lazy jacks
Dyform stainless steel standing rigging
Dyneema running rigging
Spinnaker deck hardware with Spinlock jammers
Ball bearing tracks on side decks for genoa
Adjustable backstay
Rigid boom vang
Two Harken 50 self-tailing genoa winches
Harken 40 self-tailing coachroof winch to starboard
Harken 40 self-tailing electric coachroof winch to port
All lines led back to cockpit

Engine and machinery

Yanmar 3JH5CE 40hp diesel engine with sail drive
Engine hours, 740
Flex-o-fold three bladed propeller
Engine controls at starboard helm
Hot water tank heated by engine and shore power
Webasto warm air cabin heating system throughout
Shore power socket
60A battery charger
110Ah engine battery
Three 115Ah domestics batteries
12v sockets


Twin black composite steering wheels
Helm covers
Line storage lockers under helm seats
Sprayhood with zipped centre section and clear roof panel
Cockpit table with drop leaves, storage, handrail
Wood inlay to cockpit sole and seating
Port and starboard lockers 
Port helm seat locker
Liferaft locker between helm seats
This locker also includes storage compartment for companionway door
Cockpit shower
Gas locker for two bottles

Deck gear

Stainless steel open pulpit 
Stainless steel pushpits
Stainless steel stanchions with twin guard wires
Port and starboard gates
Quick 1000w electric anchor windlass
Double bow roller
Delta anchor with chain and warp
Midship cleats
Fold down swim platform with telescopic swim ladder
Outboard bracket
Various warps and fenders

Safety equipment

Manual and electric bilge pumps
Horseshoe lifebuoy


Jeanneau Packs

This Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 has the following Jeanneau Packs fitted:

Premiere Trim Pack 2011
Mid ship cleats
LED navigation lights
Shower divider in aft heads 
220v shore power and battery charger
Extra 115Ah battery
Raymarine ST70 instrument
Luxury two burner stove with oven and grill
Second anchor roller
Shades and screens for portlights and hatches
Cockpit shower with hot and cold water system

Preference Trim Pack 2011
CD/MP3 player with remote control in cockpit
Interior and cockpit speakers
Electric coachroof winch
Luxury folding table in saloon
Lifeline gates to port and starboard
Indirect lighting under the saloon furniture

Navigation Pack 2011
Spinnaker fittings
Second coachroof winch, (non electric)
Adjustable backstay
Rigid boom vang 
Halyard bags in cockpit

Performance Pack 2011
Ballbearing tracks on side decks for genoa
Performance sail set
Flex-o-Fold 3 blade folding propeller
Composite steering wheels
Dyform standing rigging
Dyneema running rigging