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Buy Diazepam In Uk

2019 Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795

Price £68,655 inc Vat

United Kingdom

Buy Valium Boots

Buy Diazepam In Uk

                          JEANNEAU MERRY FISHER 795: THE MOST CHIC WEEKENDERThe bright and airy living spaces on board, with lateral windos in the hulland a panoramic windscreen, are exceptionally comfortable. The Merry Fisher 795 offers a forward double berth cabin and numerous stoprage compartments, a galley, a saloon with wrap around seating that can convert to a double berth and a separate heads compartment. Powered by a Suzuki 175hp four stroke outboard although this could be replaced with a Suzuki 200hp outboard for an additional cost.

Buy Diazepam In Uk

  • Builder: Jeanneau
  • Designer: Centkowski /Denert/Jeanneau
  • Construction: GRP


  • Length (Feet): 24.38
  • Length (Metres): 7.43
  • Beam: 2.81 meter
  • Min Draft: 0.5 meter
  • Max Draft: 0.5 meter
  • Displacement: 2020
  • LOA: 7.43 meter
  • LWL: 6.97 meter
  • Bridge Clearance: 2.35


  • Number of Engines: 1
  • Engine Make: Suzuki
  • Engine Model: 175APX
  • Fuel: unleaded
  • Total Power: 175
  • Max Speed: 30
  • Cruising Speed: 20


The bright and airy living spaces on board, with lateral windos in the hulland a panoramic windscreen, are exceptionally comfortable. The Merry Fisher 795 offers a forward double berth cabin and numerous stoprage compartments, a galley, a saloon with wrap around seating that can convert to a double berth and a separate heads compartment. Powered by a Suzuki 175hp four stroke outboard although this could be replaced with a Suzuki 200hp outboard for an additional cost.


Forward cabin with seating that can be converted to a double berth, opening roof hatch, shelving and storage. Separate heads compartment to starboard. Steps up to wheelhouse with helm seat to starboard. This seat can tilt forward to give more working space at the galley area. To port, fore and aft seating with dining table. The forward seat backrest can be tilted aft and as this moves,  the seat base rises to provide a forward facing seat. The seating and table can be converted to a double berth. Single piece, panoramic windscreen, superb 360° visibility from helm seat, sliding windows to port and starboard, opening roof hatch and underfloor storage. Sliding doors to cockpit.

Cold water supply
Electric cold water pump 
Space for removable gas hob (not supplied)

Sea toilet
Opening portlight
Electric cold water supply
Holding tank


Engine instruments
Garmin Echomap Plus 72CV plotter
USB socket
Fusion RA70N audio pack

Engine and machinery

Suzuki 175APX four stroke outboard
Alternatively a Suzuki 200hp outboard can be fitted for an additional cost
Hydraulic steering
Bow thruster
Shore power socket
Battery charger


Aft sliding bench with cushions
Removable corner seats
Stainless steel handrails
Self draining cockpit
Rod holders
Swim ladder
Cockpit shower

Deck gear

Stainless steel open pulpit
Windscreen wipers with screenwash
Bow roller
Electric anchor windlass
Self draining anchor locker
Aft platforms
Trailer winch ring

Safety equipment

Manual and electric bilge pump

Further information

This Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 has the Premiere Pack, Audio Pack and Electronic packs fitted, these consist of the following:

Premiere Pack
Second (port) windscreen wiper 
Screen wash
Sliding window to port
Cockpit aft bench cushions
Cockpit shower
Wheelhouse opening roof hatch

Audio Pack
Fusion RA70N Audio with Bluetooth
USB plug
Two speakers

Electronic Pack
Garmin Echomap Plus 92sv + GT20ransducer


Photographs are not of actual boat and are Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 factory images. They are intended to give an impression of the boat.


Swimming ladder

Battery charger




Electric bilge pump


Bow thruster

Marine head

Cockpit cushions

Manual bilge pump

Log speedometer