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Buying Diazepam 5Mg

Order Diazepam Uk

2006 Najad 405

Price £187,500 inc Vat

United Kingdom

Buy Valium Boots

Order Diazepam Uk

The Najad 405 retains the classic appeal of Najad yachts of the past but has sparkling sailing performance and contemporary, although not faddish, styling below decks offering the best of both worlds. This Najad 405 has a forward twin berth cabin and an aft master double berth cabin and is powered by Volvo Penta D2 55hp engine with sail drive. Early 2019, the saildrive diaphragm was renewed. This Najad 405, supplied new by ourselves, is in absolutely first rate condition. 

Order Diazepam Uk

  • Builder: Najadvaret AB
  • Designer: Judel / Vrolijk
  • Construction: GRP


  • Length (Feet): 40.03
  • Length (Metres): 12.2
  • Beam: 3.85 meter
  • Max Draft: 2.1 meter
  • Displacement: 12200
  • Ballast: 4000
  • LOA: 12.2 meter
  • LWL: 10.4 meter
  • Bridge Clearance: 18.5


  • Number of Engines: 1
  • Engine Make: Volvo Penta
  • Engine Model: D2
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Engine Hours: 1500
  • Type of Propeller: 3 Blade, Folding
  • Total Power: 55


The Najad 405 retains the classic appeal of Najad yachts of the past but has sparkling sailing performance and contemporary, although not faddish, styling below decks offering the best of both worlds. This Najad 405 has a forward twin berth cabin and an aft master double berth cabin and is powered by Volvo Penta D2 55hp engine with sail drive. Early 2019, the saildrive diaphragm was renewed. This Najad 405, supplied new by ourselves, is in absolutely first rate condition. 


There is a generous conventional V berth in the forward cabin, hanging locker, storage, opening deck hatch. Door leading through towards saloon with small settee to starboard and L shaped settee to port. Dining table with single drop leaf and storage.
Deck portlights and opening deck hatch. Forward facing chart table to starboard with heads compartment aft of this. To port, linear galley and walkthrough to the aft double berth cabin. This cabin has hanging locker, storage and opening deck hatch. Engine access from the aft cabin walkthrough opposite the galley. Additional access under the companionway.
Flooring all on one level from forward cabin to aft cabin
Upholstery throughout is 'Othello Terra' and curtains are 'Cuivre'. Blackout / insect blinds fitted to all large deck hatches, saloon deck portlights.
Internally the fit out is predominantly in African Mahogany and Jatoba, hand polished and varnished to a satin finish. Cabin sole is Jatoba with Wenge inlay. Headlinings are in cream / white covered panels.

SMEV two burner gas stove with oven
Remote control for gas
Fridge / freezer, new compressor fitted 2018
Double stainless steel sinks
Hot and cold water system
Plenty of storage
Custom Corian 'Matterhorn' work surfaces 

Manual Jabsco sea toilet
Corian surfaces and sink
Hot and cold water system
Opening portlight

Engine and machinery

Volvo Penta D2 55hp diesel engine with sail drive
Saildrive diaphragm renewed 2019
Engine hours approximately 1,500
Raw water exhaust hoses replaced 2018
All seacocks replaced 2018 (not deckwash) 
Fuel lift pump renewed 2019
Coolant expansion tank fitted 2019
Three blade folding prop
Additional factory fitted insulation to engine compartment
Additional two fuel filters over standard set up
Upgraded engine control panel
Max Power bow thruster
Diesel fired warm air heating throughout


Furling genoa in "Ultra" composite spectra/mylar cloth by UK Syversen, new 2013
Fully battened tri-radial cut mainsail (45 sqm) in "Ultra" composite spectra/mylar cloth (original by UK Syversen) with three conventional reefs
Stack pack and lazy jacks by Owen Sails
Storm jib by Saturn sails
Cruising chute in red and white with snuffer by Technique Voile (original)
Solent jib in dacron (original) by Technique Voile for use on second forestay


All spars by Selden
Three spreader four panel alloy mast with 1/19 discontinuous stainless steel standing rigging
Spinnaker pole and running rigging stowed on mast
Adjustable backstay
Adjustable, removable inner forestay with wire/rope halyard
Dyneema main halyard 2019
Two steps to mast
Aluminium rigging screw covers
Furlex 300S furling genoa system
Selden solid vang
Spinnaker halyard
Anderson 52ST self tailing winches
Anderson 40ST self tailing winches
Anderson self tailing winch on mast
Rig inspected professionally 2019 and confirmed all in good condition.


Helm binnacle with 950mm leather covered stainless steel wheel
Fixed stainless steel frame windscreen
Sprayhood with leather bound grabrail and exterior stainless steel hand rails  
Sprayhood extension with zipped, roll up side and aft sections
Teak finish to seats
High gloss varnish finish to navigation tables either side of companionway
Folding cockpit table with cover
Self draining cockpit
Large locker to starboard

Deck gear

Stainless steel pulpit with teak step
Stainless steel pushpits with integrated teak seats
Stanchions with twin guard wires
Port and starboard gates
Two aft deck lockers
Rocna anchor with 60m 10mm chain (increased over standard)
Lofrans 1000W electric windlass
Double bow roller
12 volt sea water pump in anchor locker
Teak laid side decks and teak laid coachroof and aft cabin top
Stainless steel wear strips to all cleats
Stowage point for adjustable forestay
Deck gear for cruising chute
Outboard bracket
Swim ladder
Various warps and fenders


In cockpit:
Engine instruments
Raymarine ST60+ depth
Raymarine ST60+ log
Raymarine ST60+ wind
Raymarine E80 GPS plotter radar 
Raymarine ST 6002 Autopilot control at wheel
Helm compass

At chart table:
Raymarine E80 GPS plotter radar
Raymarine AIS module
McMurdo ICS Nav6 Navtext
Raymarine 54E DSC VHF radio
JVC radio CD player
Fuel and water gauges

Electrical system

12 Volt domestic and engine start systems
75Ah AGM engine start battery
Standard 240Ah domestic battery capacity augmented with additional 75Ah domestic battery
115A engine alternator 2018
Mastervolt battery management system
Battery charger
Shore power socket
Calorifier heated from engine and immersion element
230 Volt isolation transfer to guard against galvanic problems

Safety gear

Emergency steering system 
Rescue sling
Electric bilge pump with automatic and manual settings
Manual bilge pump
Gas alarm

Further information

The dinghy and outboard that are on board are not included in the sale of this Najad 405


Sandwich construction using hand laid multi axial glass fibre, ISO polyester resins with vinylester in the initial layers. Predominately white NGA gelcoat with "Carmine Red" trim line and waterline stripes
Bilge area is re-enforced with a longitudinal and transverse floor plate which supports keel fittings, mast, engine mounts, tanks, engine mounts and cabin sole. There are additional longitudinal stringers
Rubbing strake is combined with toe rail and is fitted with stainless steel capping for protection. Hull/deck join glued and fastened
Cast iron keel with lead bulb
Self aligning rudder bearings supporting GRP spade rudder with s/s stock. Lewmar rod steering
Deck and coachroof are built in sandwich construction with multi axial GRP reinforced polyester
Teak laid to side decks and coachroof 
Internal scuppers to avoid smearing


Valkyrie (hull number 7) was sailed to the Balearic Islands in 2011 and berthed there for two years before being sailed back to the Clyde.




Teak cockpit


Gennaker cruising spinnaker

Wind speed and direction

Bow thruster

Bimini top

Swimming ladder

Electric bilge pump



Cockpit table

Furling genoa


Shore power inlet

Battery charger

Log speedometer

Storm jib

Spinnaker pole

Cockpit cover

Steering wheel

Cd player


Outboard engine brackets

Marine head

Lazy bag

Manual bilge pump

Spray hood

Teak sidedecks

Hot water




Fully battened mainsail